About the Down THE PCH

Down THE PCH:- While serving a two-year prison sentence for supposed drug dealing, twenty-six year old Garrett O’Hara (Vincent Grashaw) found his politician father (Michael Cavanaugh) and media-conscious mother (Lin Shaye) had all but disowned him. Upon his release, Garrett is determined to reunite with his sixteen-year old brother Noah (Zack Bennett) and get his life back on track; only to find out the $30,000 he had tucked away, has disappeared and no one seems to know anything about it.
After having an argument and apparent falling out with his younger brother, who went from an innocent kid to cocky punk in two years, coupled with the frustration over his missing money, Garrett makes his way back to his parent’s house, only to find they want to pretend things are like they were; and don’t seem to know anything about his missing money.


When Garrett finds out Noah has run away, and is living with and working for the charismatic drug dealer Doc (Guillermo Diaz) and former junkie, turned aspiring singer/songwriter Lucy (Kim Sapone), Mr. and Mrs. O’Hara must seek help from the very son they once turned their backs on.

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