guillermo diaz [doc]

In 1994 Guillermo landed his first speaking role as “Spike” in Boaz Yakin’s FRESH. From there he began working on PARTY GIRL as “Leo”, Parker Posey’s roommate. As Guillermo was getting his feet planted firmly in the spotlight, he was asked to portray a drag queen “La Miranda” in Nigel Finch’s critically acclaimed STONEWALL. Guillermo decided to put his high heels on hold for Jim McKay’s GIRLS TOWN as “Dylan”– starring Lili Taylor. After wrapping GIRLS TOWN , Guillermo got to work with seasoned veteran actor Walter Matthau in I’M NOT RAPPAPORT.

With a strong buzz beginning to build about his work, Guillermo was asked to take a leap of faith and portray “Paco”, a High School gang member in HIGH SCHOOL HIGH — co-starring Jon Lovitz. With his convincing work in High School High, he then worked with Reese Witherspoon in FREEWAY as “Flaco”, another gang member. While in Los Angeles, Guillermo did guest spots on the “hot shows of the moment” ER (NBC) and PARTY OF FIVE (Fox).

After finishing work on the west coast, he traveled back east to shoot Brian Sloan’s film I THNK I DO playing “Eric”, a stoner at heart! Now, with weed under his belt, Guillermo scored the role of the beloved pothead “Scarface” with his co-stars Dave Chapelle and Jim Bruer in HALF BAKED — a cult classic of the lovers of “Mary Jane”.

At this point in time Guillermo has played the drag queen, gang member, pot head, loving boyfriend, now it’s time to up the ante and go punk. In 1999 he co-starred with Courtney Love, Christina Ricci, Kate Hudson, Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck in 200 CIGARETTES as the silent but memorable “Dave”. He went on to shoot Ethan Hawke’s directorial debut CHELSEA WALLS starring Uma Thurman, Marisa Tomei and Natasha Richardson.

With all of this work behind him, Guillermo continually looks for challenging and honest roles.

elaine hendrix [samantha]

Born and raised in Tennessee as a self-described “part-time girl/part-time tomboy,” Hendrix was equally at home in makeup as in the dirt. She quickly gained a reputation as an entertainer with family, friends, and her small hometown community.

Hendrix first captivated film audiences as Vogue magazine fashion editor Lisa Luder in the Touchstone Pictures hit comedy Romy and Michele’s High School Reunionstarring Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino. She also garnered much critical praise and massive fan recognition co-starring as Evian in the Paramount Pictures comedy Superstar opposite Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell.

In a retroactive about-face, Hendrix can currently be seen on the big screen as the elfish, creative, and eternal optimist Jennifer, in the word-of-mouth phenomenon What The Bleep Do We Know?! 

Strolling down the small screen spiritual path on the critically acclaimed TV series Joan of Arcadia,Elaine has gained soaring popularity playing the sexy and off the wall Chemistry teacher ‘Ms. Lischak.’

Within the wonderful world of Disney Elaine has probably made her deepest mark.   Recently, starring as the cutting-edge, beautiful crime fighting Gadget Robot ‘G2′ with French Stewart inInspector Gadget 2, Disney’s first ever live-action video release, Elaine was immortalized for the first time in a series of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.   She is perhaps most renowned for her breakout performance in the hit remake of The Parent Trap as Dennis Quaid’s devilishly loathsome and seductively scheming fiancée who people love to hate.

Hendrix currently resides in Los Angeles with her rescued Australian Cattle Dog Tiloc (pronounced Tee-Lock).   She is a member of Women In Film and is active in numerous humanitarian efforts on behalf of children, animals, cancer research and the environment.

lin shaye [wendy o’hara]

Lin Shaye is one of the industry’s greatest chameleons. She began her career in New York City where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Columbia University. She then segued into what she calls “non-stop theater,” working her way up from “any closet that had a light bulb,” to Broadway and Lincoln Center.

However, Lin is probably best known for her film work with the Farrelly Brothers: first, as the infamous landlady Mrs.Dumars in KINGPIN opposite Woody Harrelson, and then as Magda the sun-withered neighbor of Cameron Diaz in their smash hit THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. She is also unforgettable as the KISS-hating mom in Adam Rifkin’s DETROIT ROCK CITY, and Sonia the tough German/Swedish coach in BOAT TRIP with Cuba Gooding Jr.

In a dramatic change of pace, Lin received critical acclaim last year as Jenny Buono the alcoholic mother of Angelo Buono in THE HILLSIDE STRANGELR, opposite Nick Turturro and C. Thomas Howell. Also look for her soon in 2001 MANIACS opposite Robert England, DROP DEAD SEXY, opposite Jason Lee, UNBEATABLE HAROLD with Dylan McDermott, HATE CRIME opposite Seth Pedersen, HOBOKEN HOLLOW with C. Thomas Howell, Dennis Hopper , SNAKES ON A PLANEwith Samuel L. Jackson, URBAN SPRAWL with Snoop Dog and PLEDGE THIS with Paris Hilton!

michael cavanaugh [michael o’hara]

Michael Cavanaugh was born in New York City, the oldest of nine children. The family relocated to the San Francisco Bay area, where he finished high school. This was followed by a stint in the Navy, a couple of years at college, and then started on the road he still travels today… acting.

Michael’s is a career built on a decision he made in 1971: he would earn his living from then on by acting only; no longer would he do any other kind of work. Clearly, his confidence has been rewarded. In the world of television, he has appeared as a series regular in a variety of shows, including the wonderfully mysterious ABC series, PUSH, NEVADA, STARMAN, DARK SHADOWSand C-16. He’s been a guest star on MONK, E-RING, 24, BOSTON PUBLIC, THE WEST WING, THE AGENCY, NYPD BLUE, THE PRACTIVE, and ER.

On the big screen Michael has appeared in a wide range of films, including ALL THE KINGS MEN, HOLES, COLLATERAL DAMAGE, RED DRAGON, THE HAUNTING, THE ENFORCER, THE GUANTLET and FORCED VENGANCE.

Clearly, his confidence has been rewarded. Michael has worked steadily in theatre, television and film in New York, Boston and San Francisco, and on his first day of a “visit” to Los Angeles, his home base today, Michael landed a role in the Universal film GRADY LADY DOWN. He’s never looked back.

aaron himelstein [t-boy]

Acting since the age of eleven, Chicago native Aaron Himelstein has made quite a mark for himself. At the ripe old age of 19, Aaron’s television credits include the WB’s DO OVER, the FOX hit BOSTON PUBLIC as well as NORTH SHORE and HOUSE, Bravo’s comedy SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, and recurring as “Friedman” on CBS’s runaway hit JOAN OF ARCADIA.

Aaron has appeared on stage across the country, playing the title role in the Off-Broadway show THE DEAD EYE BOY opposite Lili Taylor, which earned him a Drama Desk nomination for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play. Other stage credits include MORNING STAR with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and numerous other Chicago theatre productions.

Critics have hailed Aaron a “young genius, exploring the theatre and film world at a maturity level way beyond his years.” Aaron’s most notable film roles include “Young Austin” in AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER, an appearance in HIGH FIDELITY, VEGAS BABY and a turn to the darker side for his role in DOWN THE P.C.H.

Also a filmmaker, Aaron wrote and directed his first short film at thirteen. He began honing his craft, including the film program at NYU. His latest directorial project the thirty-minute award-winning short SUGAR MOUNTAIN has been a film festival favorite.

Aaron is managed by Flutie Entertainment and represented by the Endeavor Agency.

cy carter [d.w.]

Cy Carter was born in Dalhart, Texas where his father’s family has been cattle ranching since the 1940s. He was often the ring leader in games of imagination out on the ranch to entertain his younger brothers and cousins. He was formally introduced to acting at the age of 9 when his mother asked if he would like to be in an amateur production of Peter Pan that was being put up in Amarillo, Texas (90 miles away).

After attending Rhodes College on an acting scholarship in Memphis, Carter moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. In 2000, after appearing on a few television shows, he was cast in the role of Matthew Shepard in MTV and A Band Apart’s production of ANATOMY OF A HATE CRIME directed by Tim Hunter.

Cy moved to the big screen as Private Billy Otter in Screen Gems’ STARSHIP TROOPERS 2. He has also appeared in a number of independent features including Y.M.I., SOMETHINGS WRONG IN KANSAS and THE TRIP.

In his work Carter has portrayed a wide range of characters. This is the path of the actors and storytellers he most admires and he continually strives to bring a real life to each role he portrays.

He lives in Angelino Heights with his extraordinary wife, Genevieve, and their big brown dog.

vincent grashaw [garrett o’hara]

Growing up in Southern California, but with no ties to the industry, Vincent Grashaw’s first experience in front of the camera was at the age of seventeen when he played the lead role in the low-budget World War II drama THE SHORTEST STRAW. From there Vincent appeared in a few short films and several national commercials. Next up was the disturbing role of an obsessed fan turned stalker in the music video PAIN for the Los Angeles-based group Four Star Mary. After airing on MTV in Europe, Vincent began to get fan mail from England!

Not satisfied with just acting, Vincent began to pursue a career behind-the-scenes. After writing the feature-length screenplay COLDWATER (currently in development, with Ron Perlman and Lucas Black attached) he went on to direct the horror short and festival favorite CALLOUS SENTIMENT.

But Vincent couldn’t stay behind the camera for too long. After landing the lead role in DOWN THE P.C.H., his passion for acting and all aspects of filmmaking was quite obvious.

Not one for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Vincent would rather keep a low profile and do good work. He has various up coming projects and looks forward to building solid relationships within the industry.

zack bennett [noah o’hara]

Playing the care-free stoner Jimbo in the up coming horror flick EL MASCADERO MASSACRE, Zack grew up in the rural touristy town of Grass Valley, California, where he worked in community and high school theatre. While in school, Zack competed in the National Forensics League winning several awards. At fourteen, he appeared in his first film, the short HEY BABY written and directed by Sean Michael Beyer, also a native of Grass Valley. Made for pennies, HEY BABY was accepted into numerous festivals including the Tiburon International Film Festival and the Triggerstreet Online Film Festival.

At 16, Zack made the move to Los Angeles. After two short months, he booked his first gig, a Florida’s Natural Orange Juice commercial. Shortly thereafter he was cast in NORTH BEACH an original play directed by Taylor Nichols (Congo, Jurassic Park III, The American President) and co-starring Wolfgang Bodison (A Few Good Men). While the play was in production he was cast in a Disneyworld Stunt Show commercial directed by Rob Cohen (xXx, The Fast and the Furious, Stealth). While working on DOWN THE P.C.H., Zack landed another national commercial, this time for Old Navy.

Zack splits his time between his “summer home” in Van Nuys and Grass Valley. He’s represented by KSA.

richard riehle [ricky – garrett’s parole officer]

Richard attended the University of Notre Dame, where he became heavily involved with the University Theatre. Appearing in such productions as “Luther”, “Antigone”, “Rhinoceros”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”. Graduating with a B.A. (cum laude) in 1970, Richard travelled to Salzburg and Innsbruck to study German, a language in which he is fluent. Progressing to John Fernald Academy of Dramatic Art, Richard has had extensive experience as a stage actor, as well as teaching acting, and made his Broadway debut in 1986 with “Execution of Justice”. One of his major triumphs in the theatre has been alongside Kevin Spacey in the acclaimed 1999 revival of O’Neill’s “The Iceman Cometh”, in which he played the drunken, corrupt ex-cop Pat McGloin.

Brief appearances in Rooster Cogburn, The Duchess and Dirtwater Fox, Joy Ride, and Twice in a Lifetime, as well as in such TV fare as Escape From Hell (1977), Joe Kennedy: The Forgotten Kennedy (1977), and the NBC series “Hot Pursuit” (1984) has disguised an expanding repertory theatre portfolio. Richard has also contributed to such diverse undertakings as Bay Area Radio’s Eugene O’Neill Project (playing Smithers to Joe Morton’s Brutis Jones in “The Emperor Jones”) and the Adams-Jefferson Project of Carleton College, participating in a series of recordings of the correspondence between the two US Presidents. To this day, Richard has maintained his involvement in theatre workshops and encouraging the dramatic arts under the auspices of the Mark Taper Forum and A.S.K. However, since his scene-stealing cameo as the Quartermaster in 1989’s Glory, with his trademark bushy moustache and heavyset frame, Richard has acquitted himself as one of the best, and busiest, character players on TV and in the movies.

kim sapone [lucy]

Growing up in Orange County, California, Kim spent most of her time onstage singing and dancing. Beginning with dance lessons at the age of 3, she continued her love of entertaining throughout high school, performing on her high school song team, and competing as a member of the Senior Dance Company at the Orange County Performing Arts Academy. Her vocal performances have included community and charity events and national talent competitions, as well as performing the national anthem at the Richard Nixon Library President’s Day celebration. She earned a First Place Individual Platinum Award at the Showstopper National Talent Competition for her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Run to You”.

Sapone excelled academically in high school which earned her the United States Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award for her school. In addition, she was awarded two academic scholarships to the University of Southern California, where she is currently a theater major.

Kim’s role as “Lucy” in DOWN THE P.C.H. marks her feature film debut, where she also performs two songs written and produced by Peter Rafelson.

julianne michelle [carrie]

Honored by Teen People Magazine as one of “20 Teens WhoWill Change the World” (March 2001) and a three-time Young Artists Awards nominee for “Best Actress In A Motion Picture,” Julianne Michelle is a powerful young actress who has had starring roles in feature films and on TV since the age of six with a body of work that stretches the imagination.

Julianne stars opposite Tara Reid, in the feature film, LAND OF CANAAN, and was the lead in “THE INNOCENT AND THE DAMNED . She starred as Anne Archer’s daughter in the touching feature, FAMILY PRAYERS, and in 1999, she had the lead role as a young teenage girl with seven different personalities in the film, SMITHER.

Julianne has appeared as a lead and guest star on numerous TV series including ROSEANNE, ELLEN , WHO’S THE BOSS?, PHENOM, THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOWTHE JOE FRANKLIN SHOW and more.

Julianne is also a talented artist who will only paint for charity. Within the last few years, she painted a number of celebrity oil portraits. Her large oil paintings bring bids in the thousands at charity auctions. Her paintings reflect the inner workings and the beauty of the creative human mind.

She considers her charity work to be very important in her life. Each year Julianne works for “Children At Heart”, co-chair, Nancy Spielberg and Steven Spielberg, to benefit “The Children of Chernobyl”, Variety Children’s Hospital Telethon, “The 2% Club”, “The Di Palma Forum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas”, “Universal Outreach to City Kids”, national telethons, and more.

When Julianne relaxes she loves to figure skate, paint, play piano and guitar. She is repped by Abrams Artists.