sean michael beyer [director / writer]
A self-proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of some” Sean Michael Beyer, has been involved in some form of arts and entertainment since the ripe old age of eight. He began appearing on stage in community theatre productions in his rural home town of Grass Valley, CA, as well as learning the technical side of theatre, excelling as a lighting designer. His teen years lead him to music, where he played keyboards with various rock n’ roll cover bands. He returned to acting in his twenties, making the move from Northern California to Los Angeles.

It wasn’t long before Sean found his passion for directing. He was lucky to work on numerous studio and independent films upon his arrival in Southern California, learning his craft both on camera and behind the scenes. His first short film, he originally wrote for himself to star in, but as he got further into the process, he realized he had to direct it — and there was no turning back. Keeping with the jack-of-all-trades scenario, Sean not only wrote and directed, he edited, scored and played on the soundtrack. SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA went on to screen at many international and U.S. film festivals, winning Best Short at the Wingspan Festival in Tucson, Arizona.

Since then, Sean has worked on a variety of projects. He took on editing and sound design duties for the horror short CALLOUS SENTIMENT, winning awards for his sound work. He went on to direct numerous award-winning shorts, including the one minute-thirty second romantic comedy, FIRST KISS, which screened consistently at international film festivals for over three years; the slap-stick comedy micro-budget short HEY BABY, starring PCH’s Zack Bennett; and the speed-dating spoof RAPID GUY MOVEMENT, picking up world-wide distribution from Tigris Films.

Being a musician, it was only a matter of time before he found himself directing music videos, including PAIN by the Los Angeles-based group Four Star Mary, lensed by PCH cinematographer Yasu Tanida, airing on MTV and M2 in Europe. DOWN THE P.C.H. marks his feature film directorial debut and first-time collaboration with producer Valerie McCaffrey (rumor has it, he might have tickled the ivories on the PCH soundtrack).

Sean lives in North Hollywood and enjoys painting abstract art, and playing piano in his spare time (rumor has it, he might have tickled the ivories on the PCH soundtrack).

valerie mccaffrey [producer]
Vice President of Feature Film Casting for New Line/Fine Line Films (1994-2000), Ms. McCaffrey cast scores of films, developing strong relationships with all major talent agencies and management firms. She cast Edward Norton and Eddie Furlong in New Line’s AMERICAN HISTORY X, which earned Norton an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. From 1985-94 as a Casting Executive at Universal Studios, Valerie cast James Cromwell in BABE, which earned him an Oscar nomination as well.

Recently premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival was Valerie’s production company, Blue Raven Film’s first production, NEO NED, starring Gabrielle Union, Jeremy Renner and Cary Elwes, on which she served as both casting director and producer. DOWN THE P.C.H. was Valerie’s first collaborationn with director Sean Michael Beyer.

yasu tanida [director of photography]
Yasu started working as a grip/electrician at the age of 17. Graduating from Chapman University with a BFA in Film/TV Production, he was the winner of the Kodak Best Cinematographer Award (2001) and the Einstein Award for Most Outstanding Film Student (2001).

Yasu lensed his first feature film shot on Super 16mm, FOR ME, at the age of 20, with the film winning Best Dramatic Feature at the Zoie Film Festival. Tanida then shot the first-ever feature film with the new Panasonic 24P DVX-100 camera with OPEN HOUSE (2003), directed by the founder of the Slamdance Film Festival, Dan Mirvish.

Recently, Yasu won an acclaim for his claustaphobic cinematography on UNTIL THE NIGHT (2004) directed by Greg Hatanaka at its world premiere in the CineVegas festival last year. DOWN THE P.C.H. was his fourth project in collaboration with Sean Michael Beyer and Yasu’s thirteenth feature film, further proving he is a young talent to watch out for in the future.

paul petschek [editor]
Paul Petschek lives and works in Los Angeles, sometimes New York, and in Europe. He has made a career as a Film Editor that spans work on films as large as WATERWORLD and FLIPPER, as personal as Martin Scorsese’s A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH MARTIN SCORSESE THROUGH AMERICAN MOVIES, as rewarding as the thirty-minute short film MOST which was nominated for an Oscar in 2004 for Best Live-Action Short Film and HBO’s 39 POUNDS OF LOVE.

Paul’s work is inspired and enlightened by a wide range of different sources. This includes an honors B.A. in Visual Arts at Harvard College, acting workshops with The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, Playhouse West, Second City and Judith Weston. Paul has also done script doctoring for Hemdale Film Corporation and music composition with John Mehegan.

With DOWN THE P.C.H., Petschek continues to apply his editing chops to ambitious and heartfelt independent films. In 2001, his work in Hollywood brought him to the attention of German film producers, and he worked in Munich, Germany for nine months, editing the ambitious German sci-fi film ICE PLANET which utilized over 250 CGI effects.

Paul is proud to have worked as an editor for filmmakers like Bobby Garabedian & Billy Zabka, Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker, Stacey Title, Ben Lewin and James Burke.

Whether comedy or drama, his prime intention as an editor is to help tell the most dynamic, unified, and compelling stories, inspiring people to feel life’s every varied emotion.

jim mckeever [composer]
Born James Kent McKeever in Bellflower, California, Jim was destined to become a film composer. Since his childhood days, film and music have always been synonymous in his dreams with the first record he purchased being the soundtrack to Superman composed by John Williams. After studying jazz and blues piano composition for six years, he transitioned into rock playing bass guitar at the age of 16.

McKeever made the long trek from Orange County to Los Angeles to further his songwriting skills and pursue his other passion: film. He was hired as a Project Coordinator at Dreamworks in the Film Music department working under Hans Zimmer. This was when the magic started to happen as he was able to work on such new classics as AMERICAN BEAUTY, SHREK and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

In 1999, McKeever left Dreamworks when he got a songwriting publishing deal with Fiction Songs (BMG) and started the record label Single Malt Records. For the next two years, he wrote and produced two albums for his blues/hip hop band Kingdom of Wax. After working with gangsta-rappers Bishop Lamont, Rosco, and Snoop Dogg’s little brother Bing, he decided that writing in one genre really kept him caged in, so he turned to an art where you can write anything: composing for film.

In 2001, McKeever started his current company Flying Mattress Music, Inc. His first composer credits in independent films included TANGY GUACAMOLE and THE KINGSTON HIGH. Shortly thereafter he began to work on the small screen for reality TV shows including RADICAL RECUT on VH1, NBC’s SPY TV and STARTING OVER,SciFi’s SCARE TACTICS and the short-lived WHO’S YOUR DADDY? on FOX.

McKeever’s journey has only just begun. He has recently focused much of his energy on scoring for films but is always eager to continue writing for the small screen, too. While he embraces cutting edge music technologies, he still studies the time proven methods of film composition from the masters.

McKeever resides in Sherman Oaks, CA with his wife, Aileen, and their two dogs, Zuko and Lana.